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Stronger and Better Credit Health

Creditor Intervention

Have a creditor on your tail that needs to back the heck off? We can handle that. Register now to get started.

Goodwill Letters

Have unlimited letters written and sent on your behalf to dispute or update your status with creditors.

Credit Training

We give you the latest tricks and tips on building your credit and securing more financial freedom.


Our partners can help remove charge off, bankruptcy, credit inquiry, late payment and negative accounts.

Online Portal Access

Get online access to review your credit score, monitor it and see what's going on with your credit history.

Free Credit Training

Get free access to our members-only Dashboard where you can take courses on boosting your credit.

Let's Get This Journey Started!

Disclaimer we are not accepting clients residing in Georgia


Interested in becoming a Client? In order to determine if we can assist you please fill out the New Client Questionnaire!


Next you will need to sign up for a 3-Bureau credit monitoring membership HERE.

In order to become a client you MUST have a 3 Bureau monitoring service!

Credit Monitoring service is $29.95


Once enrolled, you will receive a FREE personalized credit audit. Once the audit is received and reviewed. You will then submit your payment and we can begin your RECARE journey.

Our Service Plans

Our credit repair services are very simple and straight-forward. We don't mess with pay-per-removal or charge per specific dispute. We're either able to help you entirely or not at all. You either need it done as soon as possible, or you have time to spare and take it slower. So choose a plan that works best for you.

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Service Plans and Pricing Above Are For References Only – Your final price and actual plan depends on your unique situation. Please complete our interactive questionnaire to find the best plan suited for your needs.

Every Registered User Will Also Receive

Free Analysis

Based on your submitted registration, we can run a preliminary analysis of your credit history and determine what is holding you back.

No-Obligation Consult

After reviewing your credit history and confirming what data is correct and incorrect, we can provide you with advice on what to do next.


Defer Assurance Protection™

We’re so confident in our work, we want to assure you with this offer. Our “Defer Assurance Protection” program allows you to defer 60% of your setup and onboarding costs to the END of your selected plan. That means you’ll pay the remaining 60% balance only AFTER we are done with your credit repair plan.

If you feel we’ve proven our worth, pay the balance as if it were a bonus. If you feel we did not perform to your standards, then we’ll part ways. By participating in our Standard or Accelerated credit repair plans, you’ll automatically be enrolled into our Defer Assurance Protection program.

*Trial Plans do not qualify for Defer Assurance Protection.

Your Success Is Our Priority​

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