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Our credit repair Disclosure Statement is available on our website,, at all times, but a Disclosure Statement from the member’s area must be signed by every customer before proceeding with this Service Agreement.

This Agreement is made and effective this

(the "Customer"), an individual residing at:


The General Mission. (the "Provider"), a corporation organized and existing under the laws of Michigan, with its principal place of business located at:

15001 Kercheval Ave, Suite - 212
Gross Point Park, Ml 48230

Phone: 888-723-5868


Customer and Provider wish to enter into an agreement under which Provider will provide certain credit related services to Customer.

I hereby retain Provider to perform the credit repair services listed in Section 1 below. I understand and agree that the only services Provider has agreed to provide under this Agreement, and the only services I have agreed to pay for directly to Provider, are the services set forth in Section 1 below. NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants contained herein, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the parties to this Agreement hereby agree as follows:

    Provider hereby agrees to perform the following services for Customer in return for payment by Customer of the agreed upon amount for such services, including Administrative Services: This service is fully performed after Customer’s initial file set-up and all necessary forms have been completed and reviewed; and Dispute Process: This service includes developing the best strategy to investigate the inaccurate items for accuracy and is fully performed after Provider has prepared and mailed a set of verification request letters or submitted the disputes online to the credit bureau(s). This service will be initiated after three (3) business days and no later than seven (7) business days from the date Customer executes the Agreement. Subsequent dispute cycles will be completed as Provider and Customer agree upon after the results from the original Dispute Process are reviewed.

    Customer hereby agrees, accepts, and acknowledges that the services contained in this Section 1 are the only services Provider has agreed to provide under this Agreement and that there have been no promises or guarantees of any future services or any other kind of services not specified herein. Further, Customer agrees, accepts, and acknowledges that these are the only services Customer is paying for and the only services Customer anticipates, believes, or expects Provider to perform under this Agreement. Provider and Customer hereby agree to the period of time to complete all services set forth in this section shall not exceed 180 days after Agreement is signed.

    For the avoidance of any doubt, it is hereby stated that the parties intend and agree that this Agreement shall be treated for all purposes as an agreement for contracted services between the parties, and it does not create an employer and employee relationship. Unless failure to deliver services rendered by Provider, there are no refunds whatsoever due to time, energy, and expertise utilized to write, strategize, mail, fax, dispute, manage, organize, and process disputes or negative accounts on behalf of Customer. Service(s) may be canceled within 3 business days from date of signing this Service Agreement, but cancellation after this period will result in a $200 cancellation fee. Customer may submit a “Notice of Cancellation” from Provider’s website. Cancellation at any point beyond the 3rd business night before the 6-month final report and completion of services is subject to a cancellation fee of $200. Provider will assist Customer in obtaining an up-to-date and accurate credit report but Customer must obtain and maintain a 3rd party credit monitoring service that will require ongoing monthly subscription payments. This monitoring service is required for assistance in reporting and disputing of inaccurate data credit bureaus may still be reporting. This monitoring service will also be used as a part of Customer’s final report. Customer understands that while payments are made to 3rd party credit monitoring service, Provider will receive nominal commission in exchange for the referral service. Failure to obtain and maintain an accessible credit monitoring service for Provider by Customer will result in breach of contract by Customer.

    Customer agrees that Payment Date is 6 months (or 180 days) from the date of when this Agreement is signed, Provider will provide Customer with a final credit report and proof that Customer’s credit report is accurate. This final report may or may not result in a higher credit score for Customer. A Final Review and Release Statement will be submitted by Customer validating that services rendered by Provider are complete and Customer is satisfied with the promised services to release payment to Provider. Customer may submit a Notice of Cancellation form. If 5 business days have elapsed since the Payment Date without a Final Review and Release Statement or Notice of Cancellation form submitted by Customer, services will be considered complete and payment must be collected by Provider. Not all credit repair processes require a full 6 months for service completion, therefore, any cancellation request submitted beyond 3 months (or 90 days) after Agreement is signed will still result in a full amount of service rendered after Payment Date outlined in this section.

    Customer is assigned the T3 SILVER service plan for a total payment of $1,350. Customer will receive a free audit and consultation from Provider’s consulting team, including agents known as Credit Manager. No payment will be made to Provider until services in Section 1, Service Summary, are complete and conditions are met in Section 3, Payment Date. Customer understands and promises to pay to Provider the total amount indicated in the Service Plan selected in the website members area for the full performance of the services set forth in Section 1 above. Provider will begin the performance of the services described in Section 1 above only after 3 business days have passed from the date Customer executes this Agreement.

    Customer understands if payment is not made in accordance with this Agreement, Customer shall be in breach of this Agreement, and from the date of the breach, further action may occur including contact from 3rd party solutions provider. Failure to pay in full may result in submission of account details to a collections agency. Failure to pay may result in submission to a national database of bad customer listings and the 3 credit bureaus accessible by lenders and other providers. Failure to pay will reflect Customer’s inability to pay for other products or services Customer wishes to purchase. In addition, failure to pay may result in a small claims court, in which Customer will be responsible for representation, expenses and service fees. Customer understands there are no refunds for services fully performed and cancellation cannot be made after the cancellation period (3 business days from date of signing this agreement) has expired.

    Provider agrees only to perform the services specifically described in Section 1 above. Results disclosed in testimonies received by Provider are not necessarily the results of the average Customer. Customer recognizes that all consumer’s circumstances are different, and that Provider does not represent or warrant that it will achieve specific results for Customer. Provider does not represent or guarantee that Customer will receive new credit or loans, credit cards, or mortgages as a result of Provider’s services. Provider does not guarantee an increase in credit score or removals of any negative accounts. Provider can only abide by federal laws and assist in disputing inaccurate data in Customer’s credit report, nothing more, using only accurate, honest and complete information provided by Customer.

    Customer agrees to provide correct and accurate information for Provider to use during the credit repair process. Customer agrees to not provide inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information that may result in a negative reflection of the process. Customer agrees not to provide or commit fraudulent activity such as claiming identity theft when such occurrence is untrue. Consumer understands that Provider will not participate in or condone any fraudulent or questionable activities such as, but not limited to, submitting untrue or misleading information to manipulate Consumer’s credit scores, credit worthiness, credit standing, or credit capacity to any consumer reporting agency. If Customer is found to be dishonest and providing inaccurate information that could jeopardize our practice in any way will result in an immediate termination and a cancellation fee of $200 will be charged to Customer.

    Customer, the undersigned, agrees by executing this Agreement to grant a limited power of attorney to Provider, and any-and-all persons in their employ, as Customer’s agent, to have the necessary power and authority to undertake and perform the services set forth in Section 1 above on the Customer’s behalf. Customer hereby gives permission to Provider to write, prepare, mail/fax factual letters, statements, documents, and in rare instances, sign on Customer’s behalf for the purpose of disputing inaccurate, erroneous, and obsolete credit information held on Customer’s report by the consumer credit reporting agencies. This limited power of attorney is given to Provider in compliance with section 611 of the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act. Provider cannot provide legal advice. Provider, its employees, and agents are not attorneys and therefore are not authorized to give legal advice. When submitting documents online, Customer agrees that his or her digital signature is equivalent to a handwritten signature as provided in The Federal E-Sign Act.

    Customer authorizes Provider, its employees, and agents to prepare all necessary correspondence, either written or electronic, relating to Provider’s services and to submit to Provider any additional information required to support those services. CUSTOMER AGREES TO FORWARD IMMEDIATELY TO PROVIDER ALL CORRESPONDENCE FROM THE CREDIT BUREAUS, creditors, or others relating to services provided by Provider. Customer understands that all information provided to Provider must be true and accurate to the best of Customer's knowledge.

    In the event that Customer is utilizing Provider’s services as part of Customer's dealings with a Mortgage Broker, Financial Lender, Auto Dealership/Sales Agent or Real Estate Agent, Customer authorizes the Mortgage Broker, Financial Lender, Auto Dealership/Sales Agent or Real Estate Agent to disclose Customer's financial history and credit report(s) to Provider and authorizes Provider to disclose Customer's financial information and credit report(s) to said agents listed in this paragraph.

    If any provision of this Agreement is held to be inapplicable or unenforceable, then such provision shall be construed, as nearly as possible, to reflect the intentions of the parties, with the other provisions remaining in full force and effect.

    Customer agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold Provider and its members, managers, employees, and agents harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, liabilities, costs, or damages arising out of Provider’s provision of services to Customer under this Agreement or Customer's breach of this Agreement, except for claims, demands, actions, liabilities, costs, or damages arising out of Provider’s gross negligence or willful misconduct. The Customer further agrees to pay Provider’s reasonable attorneys' fees and costs arising from any actions or claims eligible for indemnification under this Agreement.

    This Agreement is deemed to have been made and entered into exclusively in the State of Michigan. This Agreement and its enforcement shall be governed exclusively by the laws of the State of Michigan, without regard to its conflict of law provisions. Any legal or equitable action concerning this Agreement shall be initiated only in Gross Point Park, Michigan; and, both parties agree that Gross Point Park, Michigan shall be the sole and exclusive venue for resolving any disputes between the parties to this Agreement.

    This Agreement may be executed in one or more counterparts, each of which shall be deemed an original but all of which together will constitute one and the same instrument.

    This Agreement contains the entire understanding between Customer and Provider relating to the subject matter of confidentiality, work product, and non-competition. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Michigan and may be modified only in writing signed by Provider and Customer. Provider hereby consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United States sitting in Michigan. The provisions of this Agreement relating to confidentiality and non-competition shall survive any termination of service no less than two years from the date of termination.

    Customer and Provider agree to hold the other party harmless from all losses, liabilities, damages, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorney's fees), arising from the enforcement of this agreement. This Agreement represents the final and entire agreement between Customer and Provider and shall supersede all other agreements between the parties regarding the subject matter hereof.


    I acknowledge and attest that the information I, the Customer, will provide to Provider at any time now and in the future to be true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. Any material misstatements of fact made by Customer to Provider will relieve Provider of any further obligation or responsibility to render services under this Agreement. I understand that this credit repair process does not guarantee a credit score increase or guarantee my approval for credit-required products such as, but not limited to, loans for mortgage, automotive, personal use, commercial use, higher learning and other financial products.




You may cancel this contract without penalty or obligation at any time before midnight of the 3rd business day after the date on which you signed the contract. See the attached notice of cancellation form for an explanation of this right.

The FTC and State Laws require the Provider to keep this document with your file for a minimum of two (2) years after the Agreement is executed. The FTC regulates credit bureaus and credit repair organizations.



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