The process is simple! Whatever, negative items on your credit report will be disputed to be deleted. We will pull your credit report and dispute every negative item on your report at the same time with all 3 credit bureaus, creating a very quick turnaround. Customers start seeing results in just 45-90 days with us.

Once you become active, you will also get your own customer portal to track your progress every step of the way.

In order for us to determine the plan that you need to go with, we would need to run your credit report. With The General Mission, we go by Identiy IQ. It’s only a dollar for 7 days to run your report with them and then $24.99 right after. Would you want to proceed with running your credit report today? 


Great! Do you have your updated credit report with you? 


Schedule a callback and do the CLOSING SPIEL.