“Thank you for calling The General Mission. My name is (YOUR NAME). Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with?” “And before I proceed, can you provide me with a good phone number to call you back at in case we get disconnected.” How can I help? 

Address the client’s concern and proceed with explaining what we do and ask for the QUALIFYING QUESTIONS


Thank you for you for reaching out to explain a little bit about what we do. We specialize in credit restoration. We are helping our clients work on their credit to get back on track again!

 I just need to ask you a few simple questions to get started.

 * Why are you wanting to improve your credit?

 * Have you worked with another credit repair company in the past 6 months? 

* Are you in the middle of a bankruptcy process or have had a discharge/dismissal within 6 months? 

* Are you currently late on any open accounts? 

* Are you familiar with how our program works? 

• Finally, what is your timeline for your goal?

 Based on the information you just gave me, it sounds like you may be a candidate for our program. Would you be interested to hear about the process? 



Proceed in explaining the PROCESS


I understand that today might not be a good time. Let me call back tomorrow, would that be fine with you? 


Schedule a call back and do the CLOSING SPIEL.


Ask for a good time to call back, schedule, do the CLOSING SPIEL.